Sunday, September 16, 2012

France - 9/8/00


Zack came today!  I feel better having the one person I knew before coming actually here.  I gave my presentation this morning and it wasn't very good.  But it's over with.  I still have Monday's to look forward to.  Today, Sarah, Zack, and I ate lunch at Le Bon cafeteria and then walked through a little bit of Jardin Lecoq.  Pretty!  After class we walked up to the cathedral (Zack needed to visit the tourist office for maps), then to Place de Jaude so I could drop off my other picture for my bus pass.  I'm tired and my mind won't concentrate on my writing...  We took the 13 [bus number] to Cézeaux to pay rent (& deposit) but they were closed, so we went ahead to Auchan.  I bought a blowdryer!  And a water-heater pot and other things.  (Including a pack of Asterix cards.)  I told Sarah all about Jamie afterwards & was missing him so much I had to call him.  It was wonderful to hear his voice!  When we were coming back from Auchan, Sarah and I missed our stop, so we had quite a ways to walk.  Maybe that's why I'm so tired.  Goodnight, Jamie - I love you!

Jardin Lecoq in Clermont Ferrand, France

in Jardin Lecoq

the view of Aubiere on our walk home

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