Friday, September 7, 2012

Getting Settled in Clermont-Ferrand - 9/6/00


I'm really missing Jamie.  I keep thinking about when he finally gets here and how wonderful it's going to be!!  I want to call him but I shouldn't.

I talked to the secretary about changing levels and she said it's the directrice's decision, but she'll talk to her about it.  argh.  I don't see how they could force me to be in 4, so I don't understand what she has to decide.  I hope she let's me be in 3 tomorrow or Friday - I don't want to have to do that presentation Friday!  I talked to Mom about it and she said they wouldn't be disappointed if I change.  It's frustrating thinking I have to stay in this level until a decision is reached - I'm missing all the revision & work in level 3 while I'm stuck in 4!

We visited the Michelin museum today instead of having class in the afternoon.  It was kinda dull, but now I know how tires are made.  And I learned that Bibendum (the Michelin mascot's name) comes from the Latin for "It's time to drink."  So Sarah and I have made it our new toast - "Bibendum!"

We stopped at the grocery store (a bigger one than the little épicerie with all the fruit) on the way home & found good stuff.  Apple juice, chocolate, some school supplies...  Tomorrow we're going to get photos taken & get our bus passes!  Finally.  We also need to talk to someone about teaching English in high schools, pay rent, buy Sarah's 12-25 card, go back to Auchan (blowdryer!), and I need to buy stamps and a good backpack.  I owe Sarah two stamps...  We talked more about our Paris trip (looks like we have a full week between Sept. & Oct.!) and I'm really looking forward to it!  Oh yeah - we also need to enroll & do our carte de séjour stuff.  I talked to mom last night and she said it cost her $15 to send me a small package with shave gel, deoderant, etc.  I'm going to see if Jamie can find & send me a cheap Beatles CD (Greatest Hits-type).  Sarah, Aimee, and I are planning on shopping at a thrift store, buying English books at Les Volcans, & picnicking in the park next weekend.  And I think we might go to a movie sometime.  (English w/ French subtitles.)  I'm going to write another letter now.  Goodnight, Jamie - I love you and I miss you.

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