Wednesday, June 11, 2014

France - 10/15/00


I miss Jamie.  I got to talk to him today!  He didn't sound very excited to be talking to me, but I know he was just tired.  Still, I'm always worried that he's getting tired of me and tired of having to deal with the whole long-distance thing.  I know it was just because he was tired, but I still felt like crying.  I did cry.  But I'm sure I don't always sound happy when I'm talking to him, even though it's something to do with school or whatever that's bothering me - never him.  Now I'm rambling.  Well, OU beat K-State!  I was really happy about it (and still am), but Jamie sounded so... not caring, that I didn't dwell on it.  At least, I tried not to.  I wish I could just be with him right now.  I know if I could just see the way he looks at me I wouldn't be worried anymore.  He told me on the phone that Caren is pregnant!  And Mom said  that Tony & Michelle are going to have a baby, too!  Now for Mindy & Jeff and Matt & Nat...  I really need to go to sleep.  I have to be up in 4 3/4 hours to catch the bus to the train station - my first day of teaching.  I'm TERRIFIED.  I have no idea what to do once I'm actually in the class.  Lots of prayers tonight.  I miss you Jamie, and I love you with all my heart!

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