Friday, June 20, 2014

France - 10/17/00


I need to buy Jamie some cool boxers or something to send with his knife... tomorrow, after "écrit," I have to enroll, and then Sarah and I are going to Auchan to pick up a bunch of food.  We're going to cook chicken and pasta tomorrow night!  I bought Pride and Prejudice today for under $2... not really much to say.  I'm tired... I'm tired of missing Jamie and not knowing what to get him for his birthday.  Unless that sketch thing works out!  I want to marry him and not ever have to leave him again.  I need to do my devotional and crunches and get to bed.  Before 12:30, possibly!  Whoops - I didn't write any letters tonight.  (sigh)  I love you, Jamie Lowery!  I hope you're sleeping well right now.

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