Monday, November 3, 2014

France - 11/2/00


I'm going to finish this journal in the next few days... and then I get to start a second one!  Sarah and I decided tonight that we're going to Tours tomorrow.  We'll leave after class and stay Friday & Saturday nights there.  We're going to look into taking a chateaux tour one day and seeing Chenonceau the next.  And I get to talk to Jamie Saturday night!  Zack and I are putting off dinner until next week - I just didn't feel like going back into town tonight... Sarah and Morgan and I went to Fnac and I bought an adapter and speakers!  I've already listened to a couple CDs and the speakers are pretty good for as cheap as they are.  (I spent about $20 for the speakers and adapter together.)  I'm ready to get to bed... my packing is done, except for shower/makeup/hair stuff that I need to put in there in the morning.  I'm almost ready for bed.  50 days (now, officially 49 - in the 40's!) until I see the love of my life!  G'night, sweetie.

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