Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tours, France - 11/3/00


Sarah and I are in Tours.  We ate dinner at a pizzeria and dessert at a crêperie... The hotel we're staying in is about $30 each for two nights - includes 2 double beds and a full bathroom in the room.  Tomorrow morning we're going to sign up for a tour of Chenonceau and Chambord and then do a little shopping and eating before the tour starts.  Don't think we'll have time for anything Sunday - our train leaves at noon.  I'll ignore the 7 people I really need to write to in favor of writing a letter to Jamie tonight.  I miss him.  Sarah and I walked to a movie theater not too far from here tonight to find out they had nothing worth seeing... but we saw the cathedral all lit up and it's gorgeous.  I'm tired... going to bed now.  I love you, Jamie!

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