Monday, November 10, 2014

Tours, France - 11/4/00


Talked to Jamie tonight.. He got his birthday present and liked it.  And I said the words "we'll get married" without too much of a pause beforehand.  Sarah and I saw "Coyote Girls" (Coyote Ugly) in French tonight.  Entertaining, but cheesy.  Now I have to see it in English to know what I didn't catch... we went shopping this morning (didn't find anything) and then saw Chenonceeau and Chambord today.  Also saw Amboise, Blois, and a few others just driving by... I liked Chambord better than Chenonceau.  The grounds weren't as pretty, but I liked the architecture better.  My hand is tired - crunches and sleep.  I love you, Jamie Lowery!

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