Wednesday, January 7, 2015

France - 11/17/00


Tired.  Wrote a letter to my love and one to the Pippins.  Now, just need to write to Grant, Brett, Mindy, Jamie's parents, and Mom.  Not tonight, though.  Went to dinner (Tonkinoise) with Andrew, a French girl he knows (Sophie?), Morgan, Ramsey, Sarah, and Aimee.  Joanna was going to come, but didn't show up when we were ready to leave.  After class today, Morgan and I had McD quick for lunch and then went to Etam Lingerie.  [I obviously loved that store.  Still miss it.  I'll skip the description of what I bought.]  Tomorrow is Auchan (buying stuff for the Mexican recipe Mom sent), laundry, and manicure/pedicure.  Also, walking into Habitat today (w/ M.) and spent lots of time there - decided would like to decorate entire house w/ Habitat stuff.  Have to go to bed.  Love you, Jamie!

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