Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Stitch Fix #7

Stitch Fix #7!

Pictures courtesy of my incredible husband.  Thank you!

This box looked good from the start - all long-sleeved tops, just as I'd asked for!

The first thing I tried on was the "Alan" French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan from Market and Spruce ($68):

I loved this when it was open, and didn't like it when it was closed.  I loved it enough when open, though, to decide to keep it!  I don't usually go for anything asymmetrical, but this was so soft and had such a fun shape that it was just right.   Keeping!

Next up was La Made's "Tatum" 3/4 Sleeve Striped Tee ($48).

Alas, not quite.  I liked the color and pattern and it was really soft, but it was too long for someone with hips.  In front, the bottom hung in an unflattering way, and in back it was even longer and clung to my bum before dangling.  Just... no.

Next up, Millibon's "Mira" Striped French Terry Cardigan ($48):

I was hoping this would work because I liked the stripes, but it fit strangely.  In front, the material (french terry) kept it from laying nicely, and the back was cut a little shorter and snugger than I would have liked.

Next up was one I really, really, loved before I put it on.  This is Pixley's "Dido" Mixed Print Knit Top ($58):

From the back, I loved this!! The print, the fit, the swing of it!  If only the front had matched it.  From the front it looked like a maternity top.  I was so disappointed! I wanted this to work so badly because of how the back looked.    

The last item was the "Morgan" Mix Knit Raglan Top from Loveappella ($54):
I liked this one!  I was hoping for things with more color or pattern, but this fit well and had an interesting mix of textiles.  And you can almost call the sleeves printed with their nubby texture.  Keeping!

So I'm keeping 2 out of the 5!  Not bad! 

If you're interested in trying Stitch Fix yourself, I'd encourage you to check out my other reviews to see some better examples of boxes!    (Click on "Stitch Fix" under "Labels" on the right.)  My referral link is here if you'd like to try it out!

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