Friday, January 23, 2015

France - 11/19/00


Thanksgiving dinner/lunch/meal today was wonderful.  They didn't have mashed potatoes & gravy (!) since it was catered by some French people, but the turkey and everything else was great.  And everyone (it was mostly Americans) brought a dessert.  So I got to have pecan pie & pumpkin pie and a few other things.  I like dessert.  Sarah and I took the 2/17 [bus number] to Jaude this morning to the 14/16 that was supposed to take us all the way to Royat's post office.  The bus driver, however, dropped us off in the middle of nowhere ("end of the line!"), near the bottom of the hill that is Royat, and told us how how to get to the post office from there.  So we walked all the way there, completely uphill and in the rain, where we finally found the church.  It's a pretty little church/chapel.  The service was very classic Catholic/Anglican, but I liked the sermon, singing hymns, and meeting all the nice people, so I'm going to go back.  Tonight, since the laundry room was more than full, I didn't get much done.  Sarah and I listened to music and played cards, I made my bed, and balanced my checkbook.  Found out I've been spending way too much money.  I knew that I was spending too much, but that "way too much" really surprised me.  I'm not too worried, though, because I know exactly how and where to cut back, and I think I'll end up doing fine.  Tomorrow I have to teach, and, as always, I'm dreading it.  I think I'm going to play Twenty Questions with Martine's classes, and they'll have to ask me questions about whatever I choose... I don't know about Jacqueline's classes.  I need to read over the stuff she gave me on American high schools and try to think up activities over that... maybe I'll play Twenty Questions with them. too.  Who knows... I really wish I didn't have to do this!  Sarah told me tonight that her parents are coming for our April break, so I need to find someone else to travel with... possible do southern Italy, Corsica, Spain/Portugal.  That would be fun!  I'm really missing Jamie right now.  33 days!  I get to call him Tuesday night (and most likely complain about teaching).  (sigh)  How am I going to make it through 173 days straight without him next semester?  I'm going to write a postcard to the Charrons now -except I don't have 3f stamps.  Guess it'll be a full letter!  I love you Jamie!

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