Monday, March 2, 2015

France - 11/27/00


I'm going to try to call Venice tomorrow.  I have to remember!  I'll call the Charrons Thursday or Friday, also, to ask about January.  I just finished my mug of hot tea, my hair is in as much of a ponytail as it can be at this length, and I'm going to write some Christmas cards.  That, my sweatpants, and my fleece shirt make me feel all cozy.  I got to talk to my Jamie tonight!  He told me Mindy and Jeff are going to (at least, it's very likely) move to Portland, Oregon soon.  The earliest would be before Jamie gets back from visiting me.  I called him this morning before I left - it helps to hear an "I love you" before leaving.  Matt & Nat told me yesterday that their neighbor, Kim, had her baby.  (On Thanksgiving, I think)  I'm going to try to find her something from one of the baby shops, I think.  Also need to buy something for Natalie & Joel, Tony & Michelle, and Charlie & Caren.  And Christmas presents for Matt & Nat and a birthday present for Matt... (sigh)  But first things first - class tomorrow.  I love you, Jamie!

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