Friday, March 6, 2015

France - 11/29/00


23 days!  We saw Charlie's Angels ("Charlie et Ses Drôles de Dames") again today (me, & Morgan, along with first-timers Ramsey & Sarah.)  Sarah was in a pretty crappy mood for most of today and was making me angry.  Morgan really helped me to forget about it, though.  We decided that we're going to spend our April vacation together and visit Prague, Austria, Greece, and Istanbul before flying back here.  I'm really excited!  I hope I'll be able to afford it.  Ramsey may come, too, but Sarah's parents will be here, so she'll be doing something else.  I'd like to go see The Grinch when it comes out, but I'd rather see it with Jamie than anyone else, so I'm gonna wait.  Chicken Run comes out in a couple weeks, also... I bought a three-pack of undies at Etam Ling., so now I won't be in danger of running out if I put off the laundry for too long.  Gotta go do homework.  'Night Jamie - I love you!

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