Wednesday, March 25, 2015

France - 12/6/00


We went to the Christmas market by the cathedral today.  I think I'm going to get Matt & Nat a little skier metal guy and some Provençal-type bowls.  Not sure - have to ask Jamie tomorrow.  We saw the newest Woody Allen movie in English with French subtitles.  (I think it's called Small-time Crooks) and it was pretty good.  Dinner was at Tonkinoise where we got free Coke and Orangina.  There were two American men there that were traveling with a band (Shivaree?) and they invited us to come hear the band tomorrow.  They don't think it'll start until 11pm, and we don't know know where yet, but I think we're going to go.  Get to talk to my Jamie tomorrow!  I love you sweetie!

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