Friday, May 8, 2015

Stitch Fix #10

Stitch Fix is a personal shopper service that I've enjoyed for a few months now.  (I hate shopping for clothes for myself!)  You pay a $20 styling fee for each Fix, and 5 items are sent to you.  You can request certain kinds of items, and they're sent based on a sizing & style profile that you fill out beforehand.  You can even request a certain price range for each type of item ("as cheap as possible" for jewelry, $50-$100 for pants, etc).  The $20 is applied to anything you purchase from your Fix, and if you buy the entire box you get a 25% discount.  (If you don't buy anything, you lose the $20.)

For Fix #10 - the "we'll rectify our mistakes" Fix sent soon after #9, I had the same requests as Fix #9 - easy tops (no ironing) that would show off my waist.

First up was the "Honalei" Cable Knit Sweater Tank from Skies Are Blue ($44):

I almost kept this one.  It fit well and was really comfortable.  I really wish it had been a different color - something less wintery and more springy.  I would have kept it, but overall I was ambivalent enough to send it back.

Next up was Paradigma's "Selda" blouse ($68):

This was just... okay.  Jamie said it looked like something an old lady would wear when trying to be fashionable.  The print wasn't bad, but I didn't love that it was sheer, and it really didn't do anything for me.  Sent it back.

Next out of the box was 41Hawthorn's "Trinidad" top ($48):

Nope.  The neckline wasn't good on me, it was too small around my hips (Check out the back view. Ouch.), and the pale green and cream print washed me out.

Papermoon's "Mirsilla" knit top ($58) was next:

Awful!  Not sure why this was in my Fix - it went completely against the "show off my waist - nothing boxy" part of my request.  Jamie said it looked like I had tried to do something fancy with an old, stretched-out sweatshirt of his.  It looked terrible.

Last up was Laila Jayde's "Keene" top ($48):

Yay!!  A keeper!!  I loved this.  And it's something I never would have picked out for myself.  It's long and strangely-shaped until you put it on, but I really loved it once it was on.  Ultra-comfy, flattering, won't have to iron it.  I would love to get it in another color, too.

1 out of 5 isn't too bad - I got a new shirt that I loved, and learned that I actually like dolman tops on me.  Looking forward to my next Fix!

If you'd like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, I'd love for you to use my referral link.  (I'd get a credit if you order a box.)

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