Friday, May 1, 2015

Stitch Fix #9

Stitch Fix is a personal shopper service that I've enjoyed for a few months now.  (I hate shopping for clothes for myself!)  You pay a $20 styling fee for each Fix, and 5 items are sent to you.  You can request certain kinds of items, and they're sent based on a sizing & style profile that you fill out beforehand.  You can even request a certain price range for each type of item ("as cheap as possible" for jewelry, $50-$100 for pants, etc).  The $20 is applied to anything you purchase from your Fix, and if you buy the entire box you get a 25% discount.  (If you don't buy anything, you lose the $20.)

This was Fix #9 for me, and it was a dud.  I had requested all tops, knits only so that I wouldn't have to do any ironing, and things that weren't boxy and would definitely show off my waist.

First out of the box was Daniel Rainn's "Lanette" silk blouse ($74):

I liked the color and the detail on the front, but silk didn't fit into my "no ironing, please" request.  And $74?  No, thanks.

Next was another by Daniel Rainn - the "Tamarack" silk blouse ($78):

I wish I had taken a picture of this before I tucked it under.  It's incredibly long.  And silk, again, which defeats the "no ironing, please" request.  And $78.  Nope.

Next was Market & Spruce's "Austin" shirt ($44):

I loved the mix of prints on this one, but that's where my affections ended.   The front was made from a very thin, sheer material (cami required) that wasn't flattering.  The back was super-wrinkly and way too long.  Sending it back.

Next up was Pixley's "Miandra" top ($54):

The wrinkle-prone fabric, tight-across-the-bust fit, and weirdly-placed open seams (seriously, what's up with those?) made this a "no."

The final piece was Ezra's "Madera" top ($48).  I loved this one right out of the box.  Pretty colors, mixed prints, floral & stripes, soft material... and then I tried it on.

No, I am not pregnant.  Nor am I as wide as a house, as these pictures suggest.  This was going back.

I sent everything back to Stitch Fix and then emailed customer service.  I wanted honest answers to my questions - Was I really that hard to fit?  Was it that hard to find things to fit my requests?  I didn't think my requests had been that difficult or particular.

I got an answer back immediately.  The Stitch Fix rep said he had reviewed my past Fixes and purchases and had noticed some mistakes in what had been sent.  He offered to send me another box immediately, waiving the styling fee.  I accepted, and you'll see the results of that in my next review.

If you'd like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, I'd love for you to use my referral link.  (If you order a Fix, I get credit to my account.)

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