Friday, January 29, 2010

Gisele at age 2-and-almost-a-half

Jamie: "Miss Naima said Casey and Gisèle didn't take naps today {at school.} They brushed each others' hair with blocks instead."

Gisèle: "Casey's not my friend anymore."
Jamie: "Is Casey a boy or a girl?"
Gisèle: "Casey's a boy."
Me: "Why isn't Casey your friend anymore?"
Gisèle, matter-of-factly: "He pushed me."

One recent evening, Gisèle shuffled all the way from the bathroom to the kitchen - with her jeans and princess underwear around her ankles - just to show us how well she did tearing off the right amount of toilet paper. It was hard to hold in the laughter as we praised her, but reminded her she needs to stay in the bathroom until she's all done wiping, washing her hands, etc. She was so proud!

Practicing her new favorite phrase after everything I say: "What? What you say, Mama?"

I also have to add some praise for my girl - she has been wearing underwear full-time during the day for a while with no accidents. She has been wearing underwear instead of a pull-up at night for 2 nights now, and has been dry in the morning! Such a big girl!!!


Andrea said...

way to go, Gisele! (Sorry - not sure how to get the accent from thiskeyboard) So proud of her :)

Jamie said...

Just for the record, Casey is a boy, not a girl.

Lindsay Sullivan said...

Well, it's best kept a secrte that when boys push her...they probably like her. But we don't need Gisele caring about any boys that might like her, right now!

nana said...

I'm glad you're not putting up with this boy nonsense Gisele! Great job with the underwears too! We are so proud of you!!

Mindy said...

The right amount of toilet paper? Awesome!

And, way to go on the potty stuff!r

Grandma said...

Wow! Such a good job going potty, Gisele! You are getting so big! What a face! I don't think we've never seen that one before.

Jamie said...

A girl, I mean. Casey (actually Kayce) is a girl, not a boy! Sorry.

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