Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gisèle's Vocabulary

Gisèle's vocabulary is amazing. She talks in complete, complicated sentences all the time, and sometimes it's hard to remember that she's 2 - not 4. She still has some cute little things she says, though, that make me smile:

"Mama, wanna play with my doors?" (Her "girls" that came with her Little People camping set.)

G: "I like formatoes!"
Me: "Gisèle, it's "tomatoes."
G: "Oh. I like tummy-toes!"

"Mama, where da missing peezles doe?" (trans.: "Mama, where'd the missing puzzle pieces go?")

She's obsessed with her princess books right now. She has Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and her favorite - Snow White. One of her favorite things to say - at any time, no matter where we are - is "Oh! Da witch is comin'!!" On the way home from school today (in the car with Jamie), she said "Oh! Da witch comin', Daddy! Da evil witch is comin'! Go faster, Daddy!" I LOVE that she is so completely into make-believe now!

{The top picture is Gisèle putting her baby doll and a teddy bear down for a nap. The picture below is her pretending to join them.}


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