Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birthday Boy

Miles at age 2 is adorable.  
He gives hugs and kisses - sloppy ones - on demand, smiling all the while.  
He is talkative.  He wants to know "What dat?" all the time so that he can repeat it, adorably.
He is forever interested in what we're doing in the kitchen - "Mama, what mock-keen? {making}"  Whenever I answer, he repeats it back until he's satisfied he has it right.
I love that his pronunciation is still not quite right on so many things.
I hope he keeps pronouncing bear as "bay-a" for a long time.
He shares - "Here, Gel" - whenever he is asked to, by us or by Gisèle.
He adores his big sister, and wants to do everything she does.
He delights in jumping - "Dump!" - and running - "Ready-dee, doe!"
He sings along to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" at bedtime, and likes to make up nonsense words to it to make me laugh.
He always reminds us to "Pray-ta-God" before meals, but gets impatient before the end, and drops our hands, saying "Amen."
He loves his monkey-lovey, and, when asked, will tell you that its name is "Monkey."
He has a wonderful deep-belly laugh.
He likes to make us laugh, and will say or do silly things on purpose to see if he can do it.
He's my baby boy, and today - He's Two.

On his Birth day

On his 1st birthday

On his 2nd birthday

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Nana said...

You're just writing all this stuff so that we miss him even more! No Fair!! He is really a treasure.

Grandma said...

He is so adorable and sweet. Thanks for sharing. We love to hear all about the things he's saying and doing. It does make us wish we could be there. Wish we could be with you guys more often.

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