Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Various Gisèleisms

Gisèle:  "Princess Isabella {her doll} told me that we don't have time to watch Dora.  She can only pretend talk, because her mouth doesn't move."

Gisèle, looking at a neighbor's flags on a day with no wind: "They're dead!  How did that happen!?"

(this one is for family)
Gisèle, drawing a picture of Jamie:  "And here's Daddy."
Jamie:  "Do I get arms?"
Gisèle (having no clue about the inside joke): "I can only do short arms for you."

Me, at bedtime:  "Gisèle, what do you want to thank God for tonight in your prayer?"
Gisèle:  "Poop."
Me:  "Poop??"
Gisèle:  "Yes.  Dear God, thank you for poop.  And help me to sleep really well tonight.  In Jesus' name, Amen."
Me:  "Amen."
Gisèle:  "I think God is going to be really surprised that I thanked him for poop, huh?"



Nana said...

I just love her!

Grandma said...

She's just hilarious! We love hearing about things the kids say.

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