Thursday, October 6, 2011

Miles's Words

His vocabulary has greatly expanded, but unfortunately, one of his favorite phrases right now is "No wanna!"  ("{I} don't want to.")  (sigh)

He's also very interested in possession, but luckily, it's not so much in the "give me that, it's mine" kinda way - he's just really interested in identifying what belongs to people.  It's really cute to listen as he sees us folding laundry:  "Dat mine!  Dat Gel's!  Dat Daddy's!  Dat Mama's!"

My favorite?  He told his first joke the other day!  Jamie was kissing him goodnight as he was going down for his nap, and said "Night-night, buddy boy."  Miles looked at him, smiled, and said "Night-night, Daddy boy."  We laughed, and Miles repeated it all the way to his room, knowing full well that he had made a funny!



Grandma said...

Love it! And love that little boy!

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