Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Exploring Clermont-Ferrand - 9/4/00


We started the stage today [French school at the University] and I'm in the highest level - Niveau 4.  It's hard!  There are seven of us in there now.  David (Hungarian), Marta & Carolina (Spanish), Justin, Andrew, Kristen, & me (all from OU).  We have a bunch of big projects to do, and lots of presentations and essays.  Our teachers (there are two who are going to switch off) are really nice, but it's a lot more work than I wanted to have to concentrate on.  After classes, we walked through the Place de Jaude looking for a post office, and we found a huge area full of cool shops - and we now know where the mall is.  We're going shopping this week.  We're also going to buy year-long bus passes.  Lots of money, but worth it since we'll be riding the bus at least twice a day.  Aimee, Kristin, Christina, Sarah, and I walked down to that little grocery store again (nectarines & croissants!) and then to the pizza place.  Yummy!  Mushrooms this time.  I wrote a long letter to the family and put what looks like a permanent dent in my finger when I addressed 16ish envelopes.  I can't believe it's not the day I can call Jamie!  argh.  I love you, Jamie!!!

Living statues

The Cathedral in the center of Clermont

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