Thursday, August 23, 2012

Clermont-Ferrand - 9/5/00


I'm having a hard time in Niveau 4.  So is Kristen, so I think we're both going to switch to 3.  I feel weird going down a level - I don't think I've ever done that before - but I can't handle all the work in level 4.  I'm going to stay up late tonight (no sleep for me!) to call Mom and Dad  and ask for advice.  I found out today that Marta & Carolina (& Andrew & maybe David) are having trouble, too, since it's so much work.  We tried to talk to our teacher, Beatrice, about it after class, but she just told us basically not to worry about it.  Argh!  I hope I can arrange to go to level 3. 

I got to talk to Jamie today!!  He had been laying in bed and sounded all cuddly & fuzzy.  I miss him.  I told him I need lots of letters.  We ate in the a la carte cafeteria by the SUEE [building (& organization name) where our classes were held] today and it was fairly expensive - and not very good.  Afterwards, Aimee, Sarah, and I walked up to the cathedral to find the store where Jennifer got her jacket; we walked through the tiny streets until we found the store and it ended up being right by Place de Jaude!  The jacket was $45 instead of $30, so I didn't get it.  I found one I really liked for even more.  (sigh)  I'll have to try to find something in the cheap shops in Paris.  We stopped to get ice cream and pastries two different times and I'm full now.  I'll have fruit later... maybe a pain au chocolat also.  Tomorrow we're visiting the Michelin factory w/ the SUEE.  And either tomorrow or the next day we  have to pay our rent.  And get pictures for our cartes de séjour and bus passes and everything.  We rode the bus (#2) to both ends today and the bus driver was getting kinda ticked, but we had gotten on at the wrong-way stop, so we had to go to both ends.  I should do some of my homework tonight, but it's so much I don't even like to think of doing it!  I hope Mom and Dad are okay with me switching levels - and I hope I can make myself do it.  It feels like I'm being lazy, but I really can't do this all and still enjoy being here.  I'm going to play cards now and then eat/write a letter.  I love you, Jamie!!

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