Thursday, August 23, 2012

Leaving School

Gisèle's last day of school is tomorrow.  She has been at her current school for nearly 5 years - since she was 9 weeks old.  Tomorrow she'll say goodbye to her friends and teachers and then head out in the afternoon for the official "Meet the Teacher" time at her new elementary school.  Kindergarten starts on Monday!

She is handling her last day very well.  She's excited about the chocolate bars she gets to hand out to her friends as a goodbye gift, and is beyond excited about going to Big Kid School.  She can't wait for the change in routine - riding in my car instead of Jamie's, having a new car seat, using her new pink backpack and school supplies...

I'm excited about the change, but thinking about the sadder side of it, too.  Tomorrow is the last day she'll see the friends she's had for years.  It's the last time she and Jamie will get to have long conversations on the way to and from school.  And, especially, it's the last time she and Miles will be riding to school together for a while.  Her new commute will be too short for her to notice much, but I think Miles is really going to miss having her in the car.  He relies on her quite a bit for company, and this will all be a big change for him.

Everything is changing - our little girl is growing up!

Wrapped chocolate bars

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Daddy said...

Gonna miss our drives to school together, Gisele! :`(

Nana said...

Can't believe our little Gisele is now going to real school! She will love it I'm sure.
You Go Girl!!

Grandma said...

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your new school adventures, Gisele. So exciting!

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