Wednesday, March 12, 2014

France - 9/15/00


It's actually 3:24am on the 16th, but I'm writing about the 15th, so that'll be the date.  Today was a good day.  Class sucked, as usual, but I got an email from Jamie at lunch.  I took two headache drugs in the afternoon and was completely out of it for the last 30-45 minutes.  After class, Sarah and I set up our bank accounts (Credit Agricole) & bought pastries, bread, cheese, & fruit for our dinner.  I got a letter from Jamie and one from Mom when I got back.  Mom's had my credit card bill, OU statement (I have about $2300 left over!) [extra money from scholarships], last check from Avis (stub), Pepe's episodes 5-6 (hilarious!) [Pepe wrote down some of his childhood memories for us], and an email from Lorenzo.  Christina, Sarah, and I went to Place de Jaude at 8:30 to see a Brazilian band & dance troupe and some fireworks to celebrate the Centre Jaude's 20th birthday.  Afterwards, we went with Zack to a bar and met a bunch of people, including Keeran, Nile, & Morris (all Irish), Chris (English), and Katrine & Christiana (German).  I love the Irish accents!  Sarah and I spent the whole time watching Zack hit on two French girls (Elodie & Celine - especially Celine) and listening to the band play.  The band was pretty good.  The bar included part of a huge outdoor place with a bunch of tables.  We sat on some steps outside.  Zack & Keeran walked the three of us back to Place de Jaude to catch our taxi & Keeran said he recommends visiting Ireland - especially Galway.  My eyes are closing.  I love you, Jamie!

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