Monday, March 17, 2014

France - 9/17/00


I tried calling Jamie at home - stayed up until 2am to do it - but he wasn't there.  I really need to hear his voice.  Today was a slow day.   Sarah & I took the bus into the city and went to the Sunday Flea Market, but we didn't find anything there.  We came back to the one in Aubière (found it this week!) and I bought a pink tye-dyed tank top and two leather bracelets.  We also bought tomatoes, bread, & a roast chicken for lunch  Mom called at 8:30 and it was really nice to hear her voice.  Natalie, Joel, the girls, Meme, & Pepe were all there for the Scottish games.  Joel taught the girls the Notre Dame fight song and Emily sang it to me over the phone.  Mom said the fish they bought lasted a week and then it died.  She told me the picture of the bikes that I took last winter needs to have a name to be entered in that photo contest - but I have no idea what to name it... I have to sleep.  I feel sick because I'm so tired.  And I didn't get to talk to Jamie.  I love you, sweetie.

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