Wednesday, March 26, 2014


All made-up before the performance

Gisèle was a stinkbug in the 1st grade program last night.  When I asked her why she chose to be a stinkbug, she explained that all the other girls wanted to be ladybugs & butterflies, so she chose stinkbug because, "there's only 5 of us, Mom!"

She had a speaking part, and let me tell you - that girl sparkles on stage.  She stood out from every other student there, and really was the most fun to watch, popping out her hip with every movement in the songs, smiling as big as could be...  And when it was her turn to speak, oh the drama!  She felt those lines.

Afterward, no less than 6 people, including her music teacher, told us that we should put her in acting classes.  A couple parents remarked that they needed a picture so that they could say, when she won her Academy Award, that they knew her as a first-grader.

In the car, she asked us, "What does 'a natural' mean?  Because they were saying that I'm 'a natural.'"

Yup.  That girl is a natural.

In her stinkbug costume pre-performance

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Grandma said...

That's wonderful. Congratulations for putting on a good show, Gisele!

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