Monday, March 31, 2014

France - 9/20/00


It's only 11:54pm - I'm doing good on time tonight!  Yesterday at lunch (at LeBon) Linda asked if she could have my carrots since I wasn't eating them; I said yes, of course, and Zack jokingly told her that her skin was going to turn orange from eating too many carrots.  He even brought up the Oompa Loompas from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory as an example.  And Linda believed him!  We were all shocked at her gullibility (is that a word?) and had to spend the next few minutes convincing her that her skin wasn't really going to turn orange.  And Zack had been very obviously kidding!  When I got home, I had an envelope package from Jamie containing the verb cheat sheet, a wonderful letter, and a CD!  He bought me the new Corr's CD because he is absolutely wonderful!  I miss him.  I tried to call him (3 times!) today, but he never answered.  And now I'm worried that something may have happened to him... I'll try again after this.  Today we visited (as a field trip) the place at Royat where they cut precious (well, semi-precious) stones.  I saw a ring I loved for 350 francs, but couldn't spend that much.  I did buy an egg, though!  [stone egg]  When I got back, I had letters waiting from Holly and Megan.  I'll write them both back tomorrow.  I'm going to call Jamie now.  I love you, sweetie!

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