Wednesday, April 2, 2014

France - 9/21/00


I got to talk to Jamie last night and tonight!  I was really excited when he told me about his phone bill - calls to me only totaled about $34!  And then I realized those were only the calls from August 29 - September 9.  We're going to try to keep our conversations shorter, and then we'll wait until he gets his next phone bill to see if we need to cut back to once a week.  I hope we won't have to!  I still need to prepare my exposé for tomorrow.  I think I'm going to talk about being a military brat.  Gotta look up some vocab, though!  Yesterday at Royat, Morgan, Sarah, and I (maybe some others) decided to go back to Royat on our next free weekend to talk around and take pictures.  And our next free weekend after that, we're going to try to go to Switzerland!  I wish I didn't have this presentation to do... I really want to go to bed.  Sarah, Aimee, Hannah (from Sweden), and I saw Space Cowboys (in English w/ subtitles) today.  Armageddon with old guys.  It was good, though - there was a shot of the four of them from behind, naked, that made the movie!  I need to get started on my exposé.  I love you, Jamie!

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