Monday, April 7, 2014

Hiking in France - 9/23/00


I need to go to Auchan Monday to buy croissants, Advil/Aleve, pens, and... what was the other thing?  Dryer sheets.  Whoops.  Tomorrow I absolutely have to do laundry, so it'll be without dryer sheets.  I'd also like to buy some foot scrub... there's still one other thing.  Oh well.  Today was an exhausting day.  My body woke up at 7:00, as usual, right before my alarm (that annoying tick-tock!) went off.  I bought a croissant, some dried apricots, and lemon water for lunch and then loaded the bus.  We got to Sancy at about 10:30am and ended up hiking for 6-7 hours and it was HARD!  I'm so proud that I made it!  We went all the way to the highest point in central France, and I made it!  I wish I could call Jamie to share the news.  When we got back, I showered, shaved, and changed into my long black skirt and went back into the city to meet Morgan for dinner.  We ate at 1513 and when the waiter brought our beautiful desserts, there were these sparkling pom-pom type things in the top - and sprinkles!  Yum!  After dinner we walked around window shopping and talking until my bus.  I just finished Bridget Jones's Diary and it was good.  I'm really missing Jamie now and I'm half asleep...


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