Monday, April 21, 2014

France - 9/28/00


My presentation went fine today, but the test was hard.  The other three classes had pictures that they had to follow, but we had two topics to choose from to write an essay.  One was about curiosity and the other about politeness.  Ramsey, Sarah, and I ate lunch in the park today.  I'm going to call Jamie real quick to let him know about our change in plans and then I'll write everything down...


He wasn't there.  I wonder if that test he wrote me about was today?  I'll try again before I go to bed.   We decided to go to Paris first and then to Cannes/Nice/Monaco after the meeting, so it's just Andrew, Sarah, and me... unless somehow we can get a hold of Laura to see if she wants to come.  We're leaving here at 7:05am tomorrow to catch the bus and meet Andrew at the station at 8:00.  The train leaves at 8:24am.  We didn't reserve a hostel, so I hope we don't run into problems with that!  I'm excited, but I'm just really tired right now... I'd like to bring my Bible, but it's too heavy, so I'm just going to bring my devotional book.  We watched a French comedy (something about Folly & Grandeur) this afternoon with all the other classes and it was good.  I need to finish packing, call Jamie, and go to bed.  Getting up in 5ish hours.  I love you, sweetheart.

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