Monday, April 14, 2014

France - 9/26/00


I miss Jamie. [This goes on for another paragraph.]

We had our meeting with Barbara Lamb today.  [OU International Studies head.]  I vented about level 4 and managed to ask about reimbursement for the bus passes, and then we all listened to Tina and a few others complain about how unlike OU France is.  (sigh)  Barbara brought me Milky Way Darks!!  After the meeting, Sarah and I checked on train times & prices - we'll be taking the first train out after classes end, which is about 6am Friday, and then leaving out of Nice about noon on Monday.  Total cost (both ways) is less than $60!  And Morgan is going to call and reserve the hostel/hotel.  After dinner, Sarah, Luke, and I played Pitch again, but we didn't stay up too late.  Of course, it's almost midnight now and I've still got two essays to write, but that's okay... I got a letter from Jamie today, so nothing much can get to me!  I love you, sweetie!

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