Saturday, December 29, 2012

Important Life Lessons

Miles learned two very important life lessons the other day:

1.  How to really blow his nose instead of sniffing, and

2.  Why we don't put things in our nose.

The offending piece of green bean

The repentant little cutie

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baby Talk

Gisele, talking about how she ate when she was a baby:  "Remember there were those things with glass and they're smaller than a baby but bigger than your eye?  And they're bigger than your nose, I think, but smaller than your mouth?  Hey - why are you laughing??  I'm talking about baby food!"

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Family Photos - Coming Soon!

We took family photos the other day!  Actual family photos that include all 4 of us in the picture at one time.  I know!  What a novel idea, huh?  I'll upload some soon, and a couple of them are included on our Christmas card, also, so some of you may see them there.  They're pretty darn cute.  :)

In other news, we're in the midst of Christmas prep (shopping for the kids is done, other than stockings, and we're finished with almost everyone else, too!  Though I've purchased... absolutely nothing for Jamie so far.), as well as car shopping for me.  I've had my car for about 12 years, so car shopping is quite an experience.  I'm looking at compact SUVs, and have driven 3 so far, with 1 more to go before making a decision.  I'm definitely leaning toward a certain one, so we'll see if that holds after I've driven this last one.  Hopefully, I'll have something new before Christmas!  We'll see!  My Alero is being held together by duck tape (literally, in two places) at this point, so it's time.  When I get it, I'll take a photo of me hugging it and post it for all to see.

I hope you're all having a stress-free holiday season so far.  I'll update with photos when I can!

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Monday, December 3, 2012


Jamie is getting over a bout of vertigo, and Gisèle is getting over strep throat.  I'm trying to get over the common crud, and Miles has all the energy and orneryness of a normal 3 year old.

We're trying to start the process of buying me a new car (!), but have only been able to test drive 1 vehicle so far, due to our busy schedules and sick household.  It feels like it'll never happen.  In the meantime, I have some sort of radiator leak that we don't want to bother to pay to fix since we're trying to get rid of my car.  I need to buy some more fluid so the thing doesn't overheat in the next few weeks.

My office Christmas party is in 2 days, and so far, I'll be wearing jeans and flip-flops.  Time to fit in some shopping.  I have today and tomorrow over lunch to do it, so no test-driving cars then.

Jamie and I have an overnight date planned for this Saturday (thanks to my five-year anniversary gift from work)!  But that means that sometime before Saturday, we need to find time to clean the house so that our overnight babysitters aren't disgusted by the condition of the bathrooms & floors.

Last night was the first night I've had the energy to cook dinner in about two weeks.

I could go on, but venting isn't helping - I'm off to try to find some fabulous shoes for the Christmas party.  Step 1 in trying to make things better.  Wish me luck!

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