Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Journalist? Author? Blogger?

Gisèle's favorite thing to do lately is write.  She loves to write.  Anything, anytime, anywhere.  She found out yesterday that she would be visiting her preschool soon, so she wrote a note to her old teacher to let her know.  And then today, she wrote a recap of her favorite TV show, Team Umizoomi.  The notes, with translations, are below.  Not bad for a new 1st grader!

Dear: Miss Danielle
I will be coming at the 
school on Friday.  You 
will see me in the hallway.
I can not wait.  It is
so much fun in the 
classroom.  It is sad that
they will not follow the
rules.  I hope that I
will make it better.
Love, Gisèle  To Miss Danielle

Gisèle Marie Lowery
Team Umizoomi
Hi my name is Milly and my
name is Bot and that is my
brother Geo and we are 
a tiny team of superheroes and we
love Umicar.  He is the best
car in the city.  "boo-boo"
Do you see that "boo-boo"
sound?  It is the alarm for trouble.
Bot is a robot.  He has a belly screen.
We see our friend.  It is a girl.
You can count on us.  A car can.
To: ML  {Miles Lowery}

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Working

Our A/C, that is.  We're still trying to get all of the foundation issues ironed out, but once we get financing in place, we'll probably start the major repairs to the house around the beginning of November.

And I got my non-working phone replaced again (this is the fourth one in the last 5 weeks or so), so you can reach me again if needed.

I'm tired.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gisèle's 6-yr Check-up

Gisèle's 6-yr check-up was on Tuesday, and she continues to surprise her doctor with how intelligent and articulate she is.  Once again, her favorite vegetable answer was "Umm... broccoli & brussel sprouts."  She's in the 25th % for height & 25th % for weight, which makes sense since she's one of the smallest 1st graders in her school.  She passed her vision and hearing tests with flying colors, even with an ear infection.  All in all, she's perfect.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013


Sometimes Miles amazes me.  I often think that he doesn't remember his time in the hospital.  He was young, and he rarely references it.  But sometimes, out of nowhere, he'll say something about it that strikes me to the core, and lets me know that it has scarred him.

Lately when Jamie or I put him to bed, his prayer, if he prays at all, consists of saying a version of "Grace."  ("Dear God, thank you for the food.  Amen.")  Tonight when I was putting him to bed, he told me he didn't want to say a prayer.  And then he said this:

"Sometimes, when I'm not feeling good, I ask God to come down out of heaven to help the doctors to help me feel better, and He does, and then He goes back into heaven and then I feel better."

I held it together, agreeing that God is very good at helping him feel better, then left the room before breaking down while relating it to Jamie.  I hope we never have to relive that time, but Lord, what healing power You displayed to us, and how we learned to trust You then!  And what a trust in God Miles already shows!

From the PICU, February 2013

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