Monday, June 30, 2014

France - 10/20/00


Jamie's birthday.  At this moment, he's probably at KC Masterpiece eating dinner.  I still need to find a cool pair of boxers or something to send with his knife for his birthday... and I still want to get a sketch done of me to send him.  Today after class, Morgan and I ate at Le Menhir (caramel crepes!  The "amourette.") before shopping.  I got a bunch of stuff, including a skirt and a pair of pants that Galeries Lafayette is altering for free.  [I remember that skirt and those pants - LOVED them.]  Linda tagged along with us from lunch onwards and took away some of our enjoyment.  We watched Au Nom d'Anna (Keeping the Faith) in French, and it was good.  I'm tired.  I love you, sweetie.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

France - 10/19/00


It's officially Jamie's birthday (on my side of the world) since it's 1:30am on the 20th.  And I can't be there.  I hate that.  I'm tired and had a good day until laundry time.  Another laundry incident - something (still haven't figured out what) turned my load of lights purple.  Bright purple.  Including my linen pants - the only pair of pants that has ever fit perfectly.  And my khaki jacket that I wear every day, and my khakis.  A bunch of other things, but those are the ones I cried the hardest over.  I just want to go to sleep.  I love you sweetie - Happy Birthday!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

France - 10/18/00


I'm tired and going to bed.  Went to Auchan and bought a bunch of food - including Cheddar cheese!  Sarah and I had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomatoes with oil, vinegar, & herbs for dinner.  Talked to Matt - I'm going to buy my train ticket tomorrow to go see them next weekend!  I want to go to sleep.  I love you, Jamie.  I wish I could talk to you tonight.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

France - 10/17/00


I need to buy Jamie some cool boxers or something to send with his knife... tomorrow, after "écrit," I have to enroll, and then Sarah and I are going to Auchan to pick up a bunch of food.  We're going to cook chicken and pasta tomorrow night!  I bought Pride and Prejudice today for under $2... not really much to say.  I'm tired... I'm tired of missing Jamie and not knowing what to get him for his birthday.  Unless that sketch thing works out!  I want to marry him and not ever have to leave him again.  I need to do my devotional and crunches and get to bed.  Before 12:30, possibly!  Whoops - I didn't write any letters tonight.  (sigh)  I love you, Jamie Lowery!  I hope you're sleeping well right now.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

France - 10/16/00


Well, today was my first day of teaching and I'm exhausted.  And I still have homework to do.  argh.  I talked to Matt and Nat and he said he's really ready to have kids even though Nat is still a little hesitant.  She wants to at least ski the Alps, first.  Tony & Michelle are pregnant, Charlie & Caren are pregnant - maybe Matt & Nat soon!  I stopped and got a pizza to share with Sarah on the way back to Cézeaux.  And when I got back, I had a letter from Jamie (!), one from Courtney, and a CRCC college newsletter from Jennie.  I'm so tired.  I don't even feel like writing about teaching - I want to put it behind me for a week.  It wasn't bad, but I don't want every Monday to be this long.  And tomorrow is our longest class day.  But Sarah and I (at least) are going to see a movie afterwards.  Wednesday is enrollment and then Auchan.  And Les Volcans.  I really need to go do homework.  It's 10:45 - maybe I can be in bed before midnight for once?  I miss you so much, Jamie.  Especially when thing (with school, etc.) aren't going the way they're supposed to.  You make everything better.  I love you!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Stitch Fix

I really don't like shopping.  Wait - that's not entirely true.  If I'm in the right mood, either alone or with the right person or people, I enjoy shopping.  Browsing through a cute boutique just to find something I love can be a lot of fun!  But in general, I really don't like shopping.  The shopping I'm referring to is shopping because you have to shop.  Shopping because you need to find something specific.  A specific something that just doesn't exist outside of the picture in your head.  That kind of shopping just plain stinks.

I especially don't like shopping for clothes for myself unless it's completely unnecessary.  And right now, it's necessary.  So I'm trying something new - Stitch Fix.  Someone who enjoys it a lot more than I do is going to take a look at the extensive questionnaire I filled out, will peruse my "What To Wear" Pinterest board , will pick out clothes for me and send them to me.  I won't have to step foot in a store.

You're charged $20 for each box and you pay for each piece that you keep.  (The $20 can be applied toward the pieces you keep, as well.)  My first box is scheduled to arrive on July 2nd, and I can't wait!  I'm planning on doing a blog post with each box - I'll show what I received, let you know exactly how I feel about it, and we can learn about Stitch Fix together.

If you want to try it yourself, I get a $25 credit for each referral.  You can help me continue to not have to shop!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

France - 10/15/00


I miss Jamie.  I got to talk to him today!  He didn't sound very excited to be talking to me, but I know he was just tired.  Still, I'm always worried that he's getting tired of me and tired of having to deal with the whole long-distance thing.  I know it was just because he was tired, but I still felt like crying.  I did cry.  But I'm sure I don't always sound happy when I'm talking to him, even though it's something to do with school or whatever that's bothering me - never him.  Now I'm rambling.  Well, OU beat K-State!  I was really happy about it (and still am), but Jamie sounded so... not caring, that I didn't dwell on it.  At least, I tried not to.  I wish I could just be with him right now.  I know if I could just see the way he looks at me I wouldn't be worried anymore.  He told me on the phone that Caren is pregnant!  And Mom said  that Tony & Michelle are going to have a baby, too!  Now for Mindy & Jeff and Matt & Nat...  I really need to go to sleep.  I have to be up in 4 3/4 hours to catch the bus to the train station - my first day of teaching.  I'm TERRIFIED.  I have no idea what to do once I'm actually in the class.  Lots of prayers tonight.  I miss you Jamie, and I love you with all my heart!

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Monday, June 9, 2014

France- 10/14/00


Sarah and I went to Auchan today and I picked up my film!  Some pictures turned out good (like the gargoyles at Notre Dame and the cliff/sunset at Sancy) and some are disappointingly horrible (Montparnasse and the Brazilian dancers).  I made a list of the copies I need to make for Mom & Dad... Aimee cooked a really good chicken, veggies, & rice dish for dinner tonight and Sarah and I are gong to cook next weekend. We bought a skillet and a pot today!  I've got to remind Jamie to send me some skillet chicken recipes.  And we can make pasta now!  I'm excited.  I went through all the pictures and wrote on the back of them so Jamie will know what everything is... I wish I could be there to show him each one!  The OU/K-State game is over, but I have no way of finding out who won until I talk to Jamie tomorrow night... unless I see someone at Clermont's flea market tomorrow morning who knows the outcome.  I hope OU won!!  I need to do my devotional and get to bed.  I love you, sweetie.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

France - 10/13/00


Today is Friday the 13th and Jamie and I's 2 year 8 month anniversary.  I borrowed Luke's Bob Seger CD and it makes me think of wonderful times with Jamie.  The 1st song is the one that's on the Armageddon soundtrack and it's reminding me of all our trips to Kansas City.  Good CD.

Sarah, Morgan, and I ate at Tonkinoise for lunch today and it was really good.  The guy serving was nice - he gave us some wine (too bad I don't like alcohol) and Cantonese rice on the house.  Sarah and I went shopping afterwards and I bought a clippie, cheap frame, toe ring, two "live" envelopes to send to Jamie, and a cami and undies set that I love.  I think that's it.  Didn't find anything for Jamie.  I saw some cool boxers, but they weren't very soft.  I'll look at Auchan/Pleine Sud tomorrow and then I'm going to go to the flea market in Clermont Sunday morning.  Maybe there will be something there?  I wish I could find somewhere to get a sketch of me done.  argh.  (I really like this CD.  I need to add it to my list.)  I got a wonderful email from Jamie today - he was in a great mood (he didn't sound stressed & tired like usual!) and wrote a long email about football.  He doesn't know yet if Mike got him tickets, but at least he can watch the game at Charlie's if nothing else.  I wish I could be there.  I love you with all my heart, Jamie!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

France - 10/12/00


I dd all my homework tonight.  Yuck.  Homework.  I feel like I'm back in high school.  I got to talk to Jamie today - we talked about hotel reservation stuff.  We'll be in Holiday Inns in Milan and Paris [Jamie worked for Holiday Inn at the time], but not Venice or Clermont.  And I still need to call the Charrons to see if Jamie and I can stay with them in January.  This has to be a short one - I'm tired.  And really missing Jamie.  I cried on the phone.  I love you, sweetie.

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