Friday, February 28, 2014

Brion, France - 9/14/00


I'm absolutely exhausted.  We went to Brion today and I took a couple pictures of cows...  We (Zack, David, Laura, Sarah, & I) ate lunch at a little place there & had coq au vin & trufades,  Yummy!  The trufades (I wonder if that's spelled right?) was potatoes & cheese - a cross between scalloped & cheesy potatoes.  And it was wonderful!  Two drunk guys came up and started eating Zack's fries and trying to get us to drink with them - they poured wine in all the glasses but mine (I absolutely refused) and then tried to get us to join them in drinking...  One guy told me I was charming but I didn't want to talk to either of them so I just ignored them and kept on eating.  Laura told me later that she overheard them saying obscene things about me, including that I must make love while eating.  Oh well - I'll never see them again in my life.  Then we all met and walked an hour and a half over rough terrain to a pretty lake.  Morgan and I climbed up to the top of this huge hill to take pictures - more people came later.  Then we walked back to the town and looked around.  We went into the church and climbed up a skinny, twisting flight of steps to the balcony area.  Small church.  All in all, the day was pretty good.  And I still get to call Jamie!  I was so proud of myself for making it up that hill.  I miss my wonderful man.  I love you, Jamie!

Zack and David

Morgan and ?  Anne?

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

France - 9/13/00


I'm having a hard time remembering what I did yesterday... I checked email.  No email from Jamie, though.  I had a little bit of time after lunch today (ate in the LeBon cafeteria), so I checked again - still no email!  I don't know if there's a problem or if he's just not writing because I told him not to...  Sarah, Laura, and I took the 13 straight to Auchan from class today.  We spent a loooong time looking at clothes & shoes & then bought some stuff at Auchan.  I found some sneakers I think I'm going to buy ($30-$35) and some black shoes I like.  I'm worried about the black shoes, though.  They're really cute and would look great with my pants, but there's no padding on the heel and it's stiff.  I'm afraid it would rub me raw, give me blisters, or both.  I got Mom's package today!  It was in my room - not at Cité 1 like I thought it would be.  She sent one shave gel & one shave cream, two deoderants, two softlips, the calling card, my bank statement (from before I'd left, though, so I don't really need it), and an alarm clock.  The alarm clock is a wind-up that ticks incessantly and it really bugs me.  [That alarm clock still gives me nightmares.  Seriously.  It had the worst alarm bell in the world.]  I might just have Sarah wake me up all year and I can use the tick-tocker for trips.  Kristen taught me how to play Spite & Malice (card game) today and I really like it - I'll have to teach Jamie.  I think he'd like it, too.  I miss him.  It's already after 2:00.  I'm going to do my devotional & crunches & try to get some sleep.  Brion tomorrow!  I love you, Jamie, and I miss you so much it hurts.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

France - 9/12/00


[Not feeling good that day; nothing that needs to be read.  I did write, though!]

I'll write tomorrow.  I love you, Jamie!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

France - 9/11/00


Today in class we worked on questions for an interview form we have to use when we interview ten people on the street.  Yuck.  (I just painted my toes and the red is a lot brighter than I remember - not as pretty.  I should have used the darker one...)  After class, Sarah and I found the computer in the psychology lab that we can use for free!  I had a message from Jamie and one from Alan.  I'm going to spend more time on the computers tomorrow while Sarah works on her presentation with Linda.  Zack, Sarah, & I had lunch at that pizza place on Sablon today and the pizzas took a loooong time.  And they weren't very good!  argh.  After a very short email time, Sarah and I rushed to the 2 [bus number] to Jaude and then to the 13 (which was 5 minutes late) to make it on time to pay rent - and then the 13 broke down!!  We waited at least ten minutes until a replacement bus arrived.  We made it to Cité 1 [The part of the Cézeaux dorms that housed the office; we lived in Cité 2.] at 5:25, but the nice guy there still let us pay!  Then we walked to Cité 2 and basically collapsed.  It was actually hot today!  Yesterday, too.  For dinner, we just stayed here and heated stuff up in the microwave - and the paella was good.  We ate in Sarah's room, and there were 2-3 French guys right outside the door who kept looking in every once in a while.  I felt pretty uncomfortable since I was in their line of sight, so I went to my room to refill my bottle and then closed the door when I came back.  Then we heard them talking about us, saying we were afraid of life, so I went back to my room on the pretense of getting pain au chocolat and apple juice, and left the door open when I returned so that they wouldn't think we were antisocial.  One of the French guys asked me a little later if we were American, but that was the extent of the conversation.  Afterwards, I tried calling the Charrons and there was still no answer.  Then I called Matt & Nat & they called me back - we talked for quite a while!  It was really fun.  They're going to try to visit here soon and I'll visit there fairly soon.  And we're going to go skiing sometime!  And Matt promised they'd cook me Mexican food and grill me something, also.  They asked me for ideas on what to get Jamie for Christmas, but I can't think of anything!  I don't even know what I'm getting him.  I hate that we have to make sure the gifts are small & light & easy to take home.  The mandatory meeting is on the 3rd and classes are on the 9th, so we're going to go to possibly Lyon until the meeting and then Paris afterwards.  Time for a second coat on my nails... I got my first batch of mail today - a card & a letter from Jamie!!!!  I love you, sweetie!




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