Monday, June 29, 2015

Stitch Fix #11

Stitch Fix is a personal shopper service that I've enjoyed for a while now.  (I hate shopping for clothes for myself!)  You pay a $20 styling fee for each Fix, and 5 items are sent to you.  You can request certain kinds of items, and they're sent based on a sizing & style profile that you fill out beforehand.  You can even request a certain price range for each type of item ("as cheap as possible" for jewelry, $50-$100 for pants, etc).  The $20 is applied to anything you purchase from your Fix, and if you buy the entire box you get a 25% discount.  (If you don't buy anything, you lose the $20.)

For Fix #11 I had the same request I've had for the last few boxes - easy summer tops (no ironing) that would show off my waist.

First up was the "Abrianna" Longsleeve Knit Cardigan from 41Hawthorn ($48):

Long sleeves.  Not exactly what I was looking for when I requested "summer tops," but I can always use cardigans for work.  This one, though, was highlighter yellow.  It was also too long and clung to my bottom in an unflattering way.  Sent it back.

Next up was Market & Spruce's "Sam" Hi-Lo Tee ($44):

This was just... okay.  Not too bad from the front (and I liked the color), but not good from the back.  It wasn't a soft fabric, so the fit in the back combined with the scratchiness meant it was a "no."

Next out of the box was the "Page" Flutter Sleeve Blouse from Skies are Blue ($48):

A pretty print can't make up for a circus tent fit.  This made me look huge.  It certainly didn't fit the "show off my waist" request. 

Papermoon's "Watford" Knit Top ($44) was next:

I was so close to keeping this one!  I liked the colors and the solid/print mix.  It was a really light, comfy material, also.  The one little thing that bothered me was that little points formed where the two materials met anytime my arms were down.  And since I had already decided I could only keep one shirt, this one was sent back. 

Last up was Papermoon's "Lucasta" Knit Top ($38):

Yay!!  I loved this one.  And once again, it's something I never would have picked out for myself.  It's really soft and comfy, and the cuffs on the sleeves are a nice pop of color against the navy & white. 

I still have my June Fix to post about, and I'm looking forward to my July Fix in just a few days!

If you'd like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, I'd love for you to use my referral link.  (I'd get a credit if you order a box!)

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Friday, June 19, 2015

I've been neglecting you, poor blog

It's been nearly a month since my last post.  A lot has happened since then, and it seems like I rarely post about family things anymore because I'm too busy living what's happening to post about it.  And that's as it should be.  :)  Twitter is so much easier - less involved than sitting down and typing out a post, uploading pictures, etc.

That being said, I have two Stitch Fix posts that need to go up, and I'll try to get back into the blogging habit soon.  I know I need to get another Europe post up soon so that we can all move past that day long ago when Jamie missed his flight to Paris!

Gisèle has finished 2nd grade (all A's all year!) and will be moving on to 3rd this fall.  She's so ready, and is really excited about being able to start choir now that she's old enough.  She's still in gymnastics, and will be doing a couple weeks of swim lessons starting next week.

Miles graduated from pre-K and will be starting kindergarten this fall at the same elementary school Gisèle is at.  He'll be doing swim lessons with her, as well, and they're attending a day camp this summer together.  Hmm... maybe we should plan some time apart for them!

Jamie is doing great at work and enjoying listening to the Royals kicking butt.  We've both become fans of The Big Bang Theory, and watching DVDs of past seasons (currently borrowed from the daughter of a colleague) is one of our favorite ways to relax together.

I'm preparing for a trip to Portland in just a few weeks for my cousin Cassandra's wedding (yay!), which also happens to be our 3rd annual Sisters Weekend (double yay!!) and I CAN'T WAIT!  In the meantime, I just started kickboxing (seriously just started - tonight is my second time going) and am trying to survive.

We just had a fun visit from Jamie's parents, who we don't see nearly as often as we'd like.  They spent a few days here and we got to play a lot of games, eat some good food, and visit the zoo together.  Next up (tomorrow!) is a visit from my brother Matt and his family, and I can't remember the last time we saw all of them together!

I'll try to get better at taking pictures, which hopefully will prompt more blogging!  I'll leave you with a blurry phone photo (all I seem to get lately) of the kids a couple weekends ago.  This is our life:

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