Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Leaving... On a Road Trip

We leave Friday morning for the Road Trip. 

We've been planning for what feels like weeks, and have been over our extensive spreadsheet multiple times.  We've done a few orders from Amazon (I'm a big fan of Amazon Prime!), purchasing a DVD case that can be rigged to hang between the two front seats, a few new Disney movies, new cartridges for the kids' "computers"...

We have the suitcases spread out in our room, half-filled with clothes, water shoes, books, a case of DVDs, ziploc bags, swimsuits...

We have a "countdown chain" on the fireplace, looking a little pathetic now as it dangles its last 2 links...

We have a short list of things left to buy, or possibly left to buy.  An anniversary card.  Rolls of quarters to use as good behavior bribes.  Lap desks for the kids to use in the car? New coloring books?  What else will keep us sane during those long hours?

What else have we forgotten?  Did I add my pillow to the list of things to bring?  Will I even get a chance to sleep?  We need to remember to buy ice for the cooler on our way out of town.  Do we have enough sunscreen?  We can buy more there if we need to.  What about flip-flops?  Will his hold up?  Did we check to make sure the DVD charger will fit?  I need to remember to make the granola bars tomorrow.  Did we wash the containers for those?  I don't think we added the fruit twists to the snack list...

My brain won't shut off.

Two more days.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013


Gisèle is in the midst of her 5th bout of strep throat in the past 12 months.  At her appointment Tuesday, her doctor recommended she get her tonsils removed - a decision we wholeheartedly agree with.  (We'll meet with the ENT on Monday to schedule the surgery.)  After her appointment, Jamie and I were giving her a simple explanation of the surgery.

Us, grinning like maniacs, to Gisèle:  "And afterward, your throat will be a little bit sore, so you'll only be able to eat soft things... like ice cream!  And jello!  And pudding!" 

Gisèle, worried:  "But I'll still be able to eat healthy things, too, right??"

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dewberry Farm 2012 (pt 2)

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dewberry Farm 2012 (pt 1)

We went to Dewberry Farm way back in October, and the kids had as much fun as they had the previous year.  Here are the pictures to prove it:




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