Friday, February 27, 2015

France - 11/26/00


I hate teaching.  I'm preparing for it now and realizing more than ever that I really do detest it.  As far as I know, with Martine's classes, we're still doing "describing people," so I tore out a bunch of pictures from magazines (Vogue)... I think I'll put then on the board and describe someone and they have to guess who it is.  I don't really know.  I have to write out some short descriptions of all the people now.  I talk to Matt & Nat and Mom & Dad & Andrea today.  Mom said Chris is probably going to come in June, too.  I'm going to go downstairs and try calling Jamie after I've done all this stuff.  I really need to talk to him, but I have a feeling he's still in KC.  I love you, sweetie.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

France - 11/25/00


I don't feel like I've accomplished much today, but I have gotten a few things done.  Hung up some more pictures, went to Auchan, and got quite a few letters written.  I also sorted through the rest of the pictures I have and divided them into envelopes to send to Jamie.  12 envelopes - and all stamped and addressed now.  And I really missing him.  It hurts.  But it's officially (by the clock) 26 days until I see him.  It's just going to be really hard to make it through all those days.  Not to mention next semester.  I read Bridget Jones's Diary 1 & 2 today - laying in bed listening to music.  Let a candle burning the entire time and it blackened the jar it was in as well as a stripe of wall above it.  I need to go put what's left of the refried beans in the fridge (after washing my pyrex bowl) and then I can get ready for bed.  I love you Jamie.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Stitch Fix #8

Stitch Fix #8

This was a mixed bag, but I did find one thing I liked!  (Pictures courtesy of Jamie.  Thanks, babe!)

The first thing I tried on was the "Opal" V-Neck Sweater from Pink Martini ($48):

This was ill-fitting and so incredibly boxy on me.  Not at all flattering.  Not a keeper.

Next up was the "Ally" V-Neck Knit Top from Le Lis ($44):
I had high hopes for this one.  I loved how soft it was, and loved the mix of stripes & solid.  Unfortunately, this was pretty shapeless and cut across my chest in a strange place.  No thanks.

Next, Skies Are Blue's "Larkin" Embroidered Knit Top ($54):
I didn't really like this one out of the box, and nothing changed once it was on.  It was just okay, and for that price it needed to be more than okay.

Next was another one from Skies Are Blue - the "Dolen" Lace Blouse ($54):
This was one of the most matronly things I had ever tried on.  Uniboob.  Nope.

Lastly, the "Henderson" Mixed Stripe Knit Shirt from Tart ($68):

Of course I liked the most expensive piece the best!  This was soft, patterned, had interesting details, and I loved it.  This, finally, was a keeper.

If you're interested in trying Stitch Fix yourself, my referral link is here!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

France - 11/24/00


I just finished a letter to Jamie.  Earlier, I put the button back on my coat and sewed up the hole in my pj tank.  Also put up some magazine pages and pictures.  Still have some to do but I got tired of it.  In the middle of the picture hanging, Juliette and some guy started having sex really loud.  argh.  [Juliette was my promiscuous French next door neighbor.  Our beds shared a wall.  A thin wall.]  I hope it doesn't turn into an everyday thing!  Class was kinda long today.  There were only eight of us in there, so we ended up getting a lot done.  All in all, it was a good Friday.  Sarah and I made pasta& sauce today, but it was pretty inedible!  All we had was tomato paste, creme fraiche, and spices and it was awful.  Ended up eating chips and salsa for dinner.  I'm going to go to Auchan tomorrow to pick up some cheddar cheese and a small thing of sour cream/creme fraiche so I can have nachos.  G'night sweetie.  I love you!

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Friday, February 6, 2015

France - 11/23/00


There were 16 of us at the restaurant (Le Menhir) for dinner tonight.  13 Americans, 2 French, and 1 German.  We had a blast!  I really like seeing everybody.  Now that we have different schedules, it's nearly impossible.  I got to talk to Mindy and to Jamie tonight after I got back.  29 days!  I miss him.  Lots.  Tonight I addressed and stamped my Christmas cards (21 of them) and wrote a really short postcard to the Charrons.  I'm completely falling asleep right now.  Bedtime. Love you Jamie!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

France - 11/22/00


I have a little bit of homework to do but I really don't feel like doing it.  Tired.  Class was ok today, though it lasted a really long time.  Afterwards, M., S., & I went to Galeries Lafayette  (Christmas cards), mailed Jamie's book, and got crêpes.  Morgan and I went and saw Charlie's Angels in French and it was good - really funny!  Tomorrow I need to call the Charrons about January.  No - I'll write them a letter tomorrow and I'll call later next week.  I need to call Venice to make hotel reservations, and the doctor/x-ray people to make appointments.  Something else... gotta call Matt & Nat to tell them about the j.crew package [they had a military address, so I could have things shipped there from the States as if it was a U.S. address] and give them the dates Jamie and I will be there next month.  He's coming a month from today!  30 days!  I love you, Jamie!

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