Monday, October 6, 2014

France - 10/26/00


Well, I'm all packed.  All that's left is getting ready for bed and doing my homework.  It's 2am, so I'm doing better than I thought.  Had a wonderful conversation with Jamie today.  However, let slip that people keep asking me when he's going to propose and I'm afraid it sounded pressure-y.  Not the intent at all!  argh.  I miss him.  I'm just ready to be with him again.  (sigh)  I painted my toes tonight - my favorite ruby-red polish.  Tomorrow after I get ready, I'll pack my shower/makeup/hair stuff and I'll be all ready to go.  Class gets out at 11:15 - I'll get a sandwich from the patisserie and catch the bus to the gare!  I'm excited.  The only part I'm worried about is having to take the metro to a different station in Paris, but I can do it.  Wish Jamie was with me, though.  Sarah and I made a really good spaghetti dinner tonight and then had strawberry tarts.  My tummy's full.  I'm going to do homework now.  I love you, Jamie!

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