Friday, October 10, 2014

Germany - 10/27/00


I'm at Matt & Nat's and I just finished a huge plate of nachos.  With sour cream and refried beans!  [Two items that were hard to find in Clermont.]  My tummy is really full... partly due to the big glass of *2% milk* I had with my nachos!  [Milk purchased at the grocery store in Clermont was shelf-stable - not refrigerated, and had a strange taste.  I didn't like it, and really missed being able to drink a big, tall, glass of milk.]  I like Matt and Nat's apartment - it's very homey-feeling.  I think we're going to Triers tomorrow... I'd like to wear my new pants, but I think I'll stick with jeans since they're warmer.  I wish I'd brought my big coat!  I think I'll wear my big sweater tomorrow - my really warm one.  M&N have movies on DVD so I may watch one tomorrow.  Their dog, Max, is cute.  His head looks too small for his body (he's huge!) but he's cute.  I think they spoil him rotten.  I'm kinda bored... I think I'm just going to get ready for bed, skipping crunches on account of the too-full stomach.  I know why I'm bored - I want to talk to Jamie and I can't but nothing else sounds fun.  I'll just go to bed.  I love you, Jamie!

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