Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Germany - 10/28/00


It's "fall-back" time, so all the clocks are 1 hour behind where they used to be now.  OU beat Nebraska today!!!  We're #1 in the country!  I had a pretty bad phone conversation with Jamie, though.  He wasn't happy about the game and I didn't understand why.  He explained that he doesn't like that OU is getting good again... I think, from what I understood, that he thinks it's K-State's turn to be the best since OU has already had their chance.  But I'm not sure.  He wasn't in a good mood, though, and that (combined with the fact that he wasn't happy about the game when I needed him to be combined with the fact that when I talked to him earlier today he sounded less-than-thrilled to be talking to me) made me think there were all kinds of things wrong... foremost in my mind, of course, the wondering if he was tired of the whole long-distance thing and didn't care enough to keep it going.  I just really miss him and I can't do anything about it.  I was definitely crying on the phone... I'm still not happy.  I have no idea what else to get for his birthday and I hate only being able to send him little things, and I don't know how I'm going to make it from January to July without him.  I don't know how I can even get through the next two months.  All this space and I didn't even mention our day in Trier!  Or the pj tank (grey w/ stripe-ish trim) and sweater I bought.  Or the Commisary, or anything.  I love you, Jamie, even when you don't sound happy to talk to me!

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