Friday, May 22, 2009

Family visit

Mom and Dad arrived Wednesday night, and Gisèle couldn't be happier. She recognized them immediately, even though she hadn't seen them in person in months, and she's been basically ignoring me and Jamie ever since! She can't get enough of playing with them, and luckily, they can't get enough of her.

Andrea and Maddie arrived last night (surprise, Mom!), and Gisèle has been fascinated with the baby. She loves babies, but doesn't get to interact with them much, so this has been heaven for her. She's been very helpful, bringing Maddie toys, patting her, covering her nicely with a blanket, and letting everyone know every single time "baby" makes a noise. I don't know how she managed to sleep last night with all the excitement of our visitors being here!

There has been lots of playing in the kiddie pool, taking walks, pushing the bubble lawn mower, reading books, tickling... in short, lots of fun.


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