Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Today is a lazy Sunday.

At church this morning, Gisèle couldn't be in her "Runners" classroom since we made the mistake of telling the volunteers that she might have a runny nose. Doesn't matter if it's allergies or not - if there's even a slight possibility that a child might *look* sick, they can't be in the classroom right now. There are some parents that would panic and think it's swine flu. (sigh) I understand, but boy is it hard when it feels like your daughter is being rejected for something! We took her into "Big church" with us, where she proceeded to be exceedingly well-behaved and had a great time. Her nose didn't run once.

Jamie is out back doing yardwork while Gisèle is taking her nap. I just woke up from my own nap, and am going to finally make the angel food cake I've been craving for so long. If you ever want to try something different with angel food cake, try this - take two thin-ish slices of the cake and butter one side of each. On the second side of one slice, spread a thin layer of cream cheese. On the second side of the second slice, add a thin layer of jam. Sandwich them together, buttered sides out, and heat it in a skillet until the buttered sides have caramelized and the inside is a bit melty. Yummy! Use fat free cream cheese and you have a very low-fat dessert that doesn't taste at all lowfat. Time to bake!


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