Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Mind of Her Own

Things were a little bit easier when Gisèle didn't express her opinions.

It used to be that we pulled out a carton of yogurt and some pureed prunes for breakfast (with her milk, of course), and she ate them up with a smile. Lately, though, she's been letting us know what she does - and doesn't - want to eat. This morning, we asked if she'd like some yogurt - "no." Some prunes? "no." A (granola) bar? "no." So we made her some toast. She had a lick of jam, made a face, and handed the plate back to us. She seemed content enough to just drink her milk, before finally asking for her toast back and eating about half of it. Jamie ended up getting out of the house with her about 15 minutes later than normal. (sigh) At least she's polite and pleasant when telling us "no." She's very matter-of-fact about it. :)


Andrea said...

She looks more like you every day!

Holly said...

That's funny! I'm not looking forward to that with Lilly. At least Gisele ate some of the toast. She is so adorable even with a messy face!

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