Thursday, May 28, 2009


**UPDATE** It's a boy!!

There are so many things to look forward to this summer!

We should find out this morning if we're having a boy or another girl! And the baby will start kicking harder and harder as time goes by. I can't wait until Gisèle gets to feel the movement! Agreeing on the baby's name might be difficult, but I'm still looking forward to it. That, and deciding how we'd like to decorate the nursery.

We have a grill! I feel like we have so many more possibilities when it comes to meals this summer. And it heats up a lot faster than my old ovens! I'm already drooling thinking of the stuffed tomatoes, grilled veggies, chicken, burgers, steaks, brats... and fruit! I'm excited to grill some peaches to serve over vanilla ice cream. yum!

Gisèle has a kiddie pool now, and she's a complete water baby. I'm looking forward to lounging on a chair in the shade while she splashes around and pours water over her head.

One of our favorite shows (So You Think You Can Dance) is back on, which means that we'll have good tv to watch at least twice a week while we wait for Chuck, The Office, and The Amazing Race to return.

Our anniversary is in less than a week! Jamie and I have been together about 11 1/2 years, and on June 1st we'll celebrate 7 awesome years of marriage. I can't imagine my life without him!

We have bookshelves now! That means that all of my books are unpacked! And there's room to grow. :)

Jamie bought me Photoshop Elements for Mother's Day, and I'll get to spend some time learning how to use it!

It's easy to feel bogged down in everyday life, but when I stop to think of all the little things that will be making me smile over the coming weeks, it adds up to so much more than I deserve. God is good!


Andrea said...

How? If you deserve all that goodness, then how can it be more than you deserve?

Holly said...

Yeah! It's a boy! Gisele will be such a great big sis! I'm so happy for you.

Mindy said...

Great post, great outlook...and congrats on learning that your babe is a boy! That's so much fun. Awesome!

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