Monday, May 11, 2009

Scents & Memories

Have you ever come across a smell that makes you stop what you're doing just so you can take a moment to enjoy it? Almond extract does it for me. Anytime I smell almond extract, I think of Mémé & my mom. I think of baking - the simple Danish pastry made with almond extract in the icing, and especially the Wreath that is tradition to make for Christmas breakfast. Fresh basil is another one that remind me of my mom, and it's one of my favorite smells. Fresh and almost cinnamon-y. I love to tear or chop fresh basil because the smell will stay on my hands for a while. The spicy smell of fresh parsley - reminds me of picking carrots on Mémé and Pépé's farm since it smells so much like those carrot tops did.

I wonder what scents will spark Gisèle's memories as she gets older? What scents will she associate with me?


Brandi said...

i'm gonna have to go with almond extract and basil as well....since those are what do it for me too!

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