Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cheerio, Old Chap!

He likes cheerios.  And avocados, carrots, wagon wheels, oranges, cheese, peaches, puffs, yogurt... just about anything, really.  Except for green beans and peas right now.  It's fun to give him his dinner, because he leans toward you as you hold something out for him.  He'll stretch his arms high into the air, like he's trying to lift himself out of his chair by sheer willpower, and then he'll bring his hands down to BANG them on his tray, because he's just too excited to hold it in.  He grins so big that his nose and eyes wrinkle up, and you can't see anything but cheeks and little gapped teeth, and then he just starts repeating his favorite word with increasing volume:  "da-da-Da-Da-DA-DA!"  He just gets so excited when he sees food coming toward him! 

He's 1 today.  My baby boy is growing up!  He's just a week or two away from walking, and is SO much fun to play with right now.  He doesn't just react now - he initiates games!  (Peekaboo, wrestling on the floor, reading books)  He loves to dance, and loves when I sing to him.  I can't believe it's already/only been a year!

Happy birthday, baby boy!



Mindy said...

Happy, happy birthday to my nephew!

Grandma said...

We hope Miles had a really Happy First Birthday. We love you, Miles! You are so sweet.

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