Monday, October 11, 2010

Mom and Dad

It's official: We are now "Mom" and "Dad."

I thought we had at least a couple years left of "Mama" and "Daddy," but Gisèle switched things up on us a few weeks ago.  It's still jarring to hear her say it, though: "Hey Dad, you know what? Mom says that..."  I look at Jamie with a little (sad) smile and look of bemusement in my eyes every time I hear it.  We joke about her acting 13, but this new phase makes it seem a little more real.

How much longer do we have?  She's still mixes the teenager ("Hey, Mom...") with the 3-year old ("... I'm driving my ballerina car!") for now, but that's going to change.  Slowly but surely, the teenager side of her will take over, until my little silly toddler is just a memory.  I better take pictures while I can, and try hard to appreciate every aspect of her at this age - the tantrums ("I wanted to do it!!") and the sweet moments ("Mama, you're a princess and I'm a princess and Daddy is a prince and my Miles is a prince but he's a baby prince and I'm a princess like Cinderella with a byooootiful gown.")



Andrea said...

She may go back to "dada" and "mommy"....after all, I still call our parents Mommy and Daddy :)

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