Friday, May 2, 2014

France - 10/3/00


I really need to start writing in this earlier in the day, when I'm not tired.  I got to talk to my wonderful Jamie tonight!  I miss him.  I told him to go ahead and book the Holiday Inn for Paris on the first night.  I need to go over our itinerary and check dates and hotel, etc, before I talk to him next Tuesday.  I have to go a week without talking to him.   I need to write letters tomorrow if I have time.  We all had the big "foreign student orientation" today and I met a girl from Colorado State that just arrived Sunday.  Her name is Stephanie and she's going to go to Nice with us.  As far as I know, it's Sarah, Ramsey, Stephanie, and me for Nice.  We wanted to leave tomorrow morning, but we have to go to a meeting about teaching English in high schools, so we're going to leave Thursday morning.  Morgan gave us the name and telephone number of a hostel she really recommends, so we'll call them tomorrow night about making a reservation.  I'm tired.  Have bunch of things to do tomorrow, so I'm going to bed.  I love you, sweetie!

View of the Puy-de-dome (highest point in central France) from Clermont-Ferrand

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