Friday, May 16, 2014

France - 10/8/00


I'm missing Jamie a lot.  It's always the worst at night.  I had a letter from him when I got back today and it was absolutely wonderful and really made me cry.  Leila (a nice French girl we met last night in Nice) spent the morning with us before our train.  We sat at a café learning French slang for a while before the train... also met a guy name Zerin (from New Zealand) this morning during breakfast; he's in France studying painting.  Our train ride back was nice.  We had a compartment to ourselves to Nimes and watched the sea until we were too far inland.  Then I slept.  From Nimes to Clermont we were in a regular car (no compartments) and we had a blast.  Sarah read her book until almost the end and Steph, Ramsey, and I passed around mine & Ramsey's CD players.  I introduced them both to the Spectrum song and we sang it all the way home.  Back in my room here, I've got the beach mats as rugs.  Tomorrow I have to buy food and cleaning supplies and candles at Auchan.  My room is filthy and smells stuffy.  I also need to unpack, clean, and catch up on letter writing, and put up my pictures/postcards.  Then it'll be more homey!  Mom also sent me a letter today with a People magazine.  And she told me Aunt Natalie gave her a black leather jacket!  And Uncle Ron wants to show her sculpture of Andrea in a gallery.  And she gave him the one of me since he liked it so much.  Gotta go to bed... I love you, Jamie!

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